Hi everyone. This is my first official blog and video to go with it.

This song has really been my prayer for sometime now, that I would be Under The Influence of Love/God. That I would take the time everyday to soak in the goodness of Godʼs Presence until I am intoxicated and saturated with Him. If I can do this before I speak to my precious children or my dear husband, our day is so much better. If i go out into the world, intentionally motivated by love, I do things that I normally wouldnʼt do. Beautiful, God inspired acts of kindness miraculously move through me. A courageous lioness rises up and reaches out to talk to her neighbor, or she gives generously to the woman named Sarah, holding a sign at the Walmart parking lot, she asks to lay hands on her father-in-lawʼs back and pray for healing, or she vulnerably shares a prophetic word she thinks might encourage a friend. Fear seems to be replaced with uninhibited joy and boldness when I am Under The Influence of Love.